Traffic Roots offers precision-targeted campaigns in highly regulated industries, namely cannabis or CBD. Every campaign, creative, and landing page is reviewed before publishing your ads to ensure they comply with local laws.


Targeting - Create your target audience with your 1st party data. Each Traffic Roots DSP user has their own data management platform (DMP). Customize your unique cannabis or CBD audience while maintaining strict PII adherence.

Video - Cannabis and CBD video advertising with over 1.5bb available impressions each month.

Native ads - Create informational cannabis and CBD ads to blend seamlessly into your favorite publications. Native advertising works best when explaining your unique solutions and ancillary cannabis services.

Banner and retargeting ads - Serve cannabis and CBD ads on our network of over 4.5bb available monthly impressions! Mobile Web, Desktop, Tablet, and In-App ad placement.

Cannabis advertising compliance - Staying compliant and safe is a big deal in the Cannabis industry. We have seen many brands get shut down for putting out false messages or just simply not knowing what they can and can't do. Fortunately, we have seen it all, and we can provide you insight into the guidelines.

Formats: Display, Video, Native, retargeting.

Verticals where they excel


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