MANTIS works with more than 500 publishers in the cannabis space in order to

launch successful ad campaigns that reach product users without the run-around

of traditional "all-media" advertising.

Broad audience - MANTIS streamlines and simplifies the advertising process in

order to reach more than 60 million consumers in the cannabis space.

Partnerships - Ads aren't limited to a single site like Leafly, and cover the entire

cannabis webspace instead. Because they work solely with Cannabis-friendly sites

you never have to worry about your ads getting removed.

Stronger impressions - MANTIS tracks actual viewable impressions. Users must

have the Ad within their line of vision for a given period of time. That provides

stronger leads and memorable impressions at a lower overall cost.

Display, video, native ads - Display and native content ads are available. Run video

ads on-page or on pre-roll, formatted for every device.

Better data and insights - Access the largest pool of behavioral data from

cannabis & CBD enthusiasts.


Display, Video, Native, retargeting.

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