Drive awareness, attract new customers, and share your story through Humming on Twitter. Twitter is an excellent platform for spreading the message of a new product/service launch or generating awareness of your brand. Your campaign goals on this platform can range from getting video views, pre-roll views, app installs, website clicks, engagement, or building a following to your advertiser's Twitter account.


Amplify Pre-Roll: teams up your brand with Twitter amplified publishers connecting your ad to content that's always "on," premium, and already a hit with your target audience.

Amplify Sponsorships: Partner 1:1 with Twitter amplified publishers and the content of your choice.

First View: Your video will be the first thing people view when they get to Twitter.

Promoted Trend Spotlight: Own the explore tab with the power of your video.

For conversion: Conversation cards, website visit cards, and app install cards all help the people served your ads follow, discover, or use your product or service.

Targeting: Use location, language, age, gender, device, platform, wi-fi, and interest targeting to ensure your ad spend is going to the people who will most likely want to engage with your advertiser.

Verticals where they excel:

Twitter is vertical agnostic; however, advertisers trying to build awareness, a following, or generate buzz will find Twitter is best suited for their campaigns.

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