theTradeDesk is an extensive and well known DSP in the industry. They reach 1 billion more people than the nearest DSP competitor, giving advertisers an incredibly broad scope of inventory. theTradeDesk is also 100% media agnostic. Through Humming, you can run Audio, Mobile, Native, Video, and CTV ads without meeting their minimum spends or entry fees.


Video: Can connect your campaign with more than 20 ad exchanges to reach customers worldwide. Allows targeting by viewability, viewer player size, skippable and non-skippable messages, muted and unmuted viewing, as well as a choice to advertise on user-generated or professional content.

Mobile: theTradeDesk offers options of ad environment, app category, app-specific, audience targeting, device make and model, and OS version, as well as geofencing.

Audio: Advertise on Pandora, Spotify, Soundcloud, AdsWizz, and others. Ads can be non-skippable and are placed within brand-safe audio advertising.

CTV: theTradeDesk offers Data-driven targeting, Unified measurement, Precise frequency control, and premium inventory options.

Verticals where they excel

theTradeDesk is vertical agnostic - most industries could benefit from this DSP.

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