Basis by Centro is an incredibly powerful omnichannel DSP in all regards with well-rounded ad capabilities, audience data providers, and other premium features. However, all their ability tends to come with a hefty price tag which you can circumnavigate by placing media through Humming.


Basis uses advanced AI within its platform to assist in purchasing inventory, analyzing over 30 campaign parameters to do so. Humming can use hyper-local geofencing abilities to create place-based audiences of users who have been at a location, address, or category through Basis. This allows us to create incredibly specific audience targeting for your campaigns. Other benefits of deploying a campaign to Basis include 25,000 pre-made audience segments across 30 different data providers, and the ability to use HTML 5 zip files for campaign creative.

Verticals where they excel

Basis is vertical agnostic - most industries could benefit from this DSP in some way, shape, or form.

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