Advertise your business on the Waze map Reach nearby drivers on the Waze navigation app with your ads. With Waze, track your ads in real time, a solution for every budget, and a 20% avg. navigation increase (Waze Study).

Types of ads:

  1. Pins - Pins alert drivers that your business is nearby, marking your location on the Waze map with important info like business address, hours, phone number, and deals.

  2. Search ads - Search Ads help you stand out on a crowded route, giving your business priority in the Search results of nearby Wazers.

  3. Zero-Speed ads - Zero-Speed Ads drive navigations by displaying your business info and offers when Wazers come to a complete stop for 3+ seconds. Available for Local Plus only.

Read more on Waze and its advertising capabilities here:

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