Brandzooka is a powerful platform for any advertiser looking to place ads on primetime placements in the ConnectedTV, digital or mobile spaces. This DSP sees best use cases with advertisers looking to drive engagement and boost online presence using video or banner ads.


Connected TV: Place your video ads on any of the following ConnectedTV platforms: Amazon Fire TV, Sling TV, Google ChromeCast, Apple TV, Jadoo TV, Roku Digital Video Player, Microsoft Xbox and Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U, Playstation, Smart TV. Brandzooka is a global platform, meaning it's possible to place ads to any specific country, from any country.

Video ads: They offer four online video ad placements: Preroll, In-text, Overlay, and Interstitial.

Banner ads: Brandzooka recently launched capabilities to place banner ads online.

Not only is this DSP an excellent choice for placing video and banner ads, but they also have a great system to prevent fraud by using DoubleVerify, systemwide blocklists, and exchange level protection.

Verticals where they excel

Brandzooka is vertical agnostic - most industries could benefit from this DSP in some way, shape, or form.

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