Sellics provides easy access to advertising on Amazon, allowing management of your brands for sale on Amazon, as well as campaigns for other potential partners and brands. E-commerce is more than Google and Facebook. Maximize results for your clients by offering everything they need to grow their brand on Amazon through Humming.


Sellics uses rule-based logic around specific KPIs (CV, Impressions, CTR), using AI to optimize bid against performance, and allows you to compare performance between Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands advertising. Sponsored product ads are a visibility boost. It gives brand owners a chance to skip the line and compete with the top-ranking products, organic and otherwise. Sellics is a global platform that allows your advertiser to serve ads in many countries and rest assured the campaign represents the brand well with campaign and brand reputation management. You're able to run search, display, and video ads through Humming on Sellics.

Verticals where they excel

e-commerce, specifically Amazon products/merchants/advertisers.

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