With one of the world’s largest collections of digital, film, and TV properties, Xandr provides a premium option for advertisers and publishers looking to reach specific audiences at scale in brand-safe environments all through a powerful, unified platform. Their combined assets, including data insights, premium content, powerful technology, and scaled direct-to-consumer distribution, give them a competitive edge in improving advertising for brands.


Xandr has advanced buy-side and sell-side advertising technology, enabling buyers and sellers to access and trade premium inventory in a trusted and streamlined environment. Xandr provides advertisers with advanced solutions to reach their desired audience across TV and digital platforms. Use Xandr’s/AT&T’s first-party, client’s, and third-party data to define exact and custom audiences. AMC Networks, Disney, and WarnerMedia have joined Xandr to provide TV advertising.

Verticals where they excel

Xandr is vertical agnostic - most industries could benefit from this DSP in some way, shape, or form.

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