One of two DSPs who execute geolocation-based strategies very well. Simplifi excels at targeting individual properties or households and targeting users based on their search behavior. They build custom audiences rather than buying third party data. Simplifi is a mobile, video, display, native, and OTT/CTV platform built for highly granular, localized programmatic.


  • Targets all devices within an address

  • Mobile tracking, tracking in-store visits & ad delivery

  • Address-based data, allowing detailed Geo-Fencing

  • OTT/CTV audience targeting is based on addresses, behaviors, and demographics.

  • Search & Site Retargeting

  • Facebook Newsfeed, native programmatic

  • Keyword-level Audience Targeting

  • Category Contextual Targeting=

Verticals where they excel

Businesses with brick and mortar locations. Any entity that would like to target audiences using addressable locations, behavior patterns, or demographics.

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