Division-D provides a wide variety of targeting capabilities that allow you to effectively reach and scale towards niche target audiences for your clients. These targeting tactics are sourced from first party proprietary data, third party data, and verified offline data targeted at the IP Address/Device ID level. By bringing together cookie-based insights and IP based tactics, Division-D offers a unique, custom-layered approach to effectively pinpoint each brand’s target audience. Division-D has relationships with publishers in every local market across the U.S. allowing them to provide clients with the most competitive rates possible. Division-D has long-standing partnerships with local newspaper, TV and radio sites, which allows them to deliver premium placement in any desired market. Their partnerships across tier one, national sites gives you an extraordinary reach of 182 million unique visitors per month. Division-D’s direct publisher base spans a number of different verticals including local and national news, business, and lifestyle.

Special tools:

  • Advanced version of lookalike audience targeting that measures the attributes of converting users, then uses those attributes to find additional users who are likely to convert.

  • Deliver ads to users who have received emails from select domains of interest, whether they compete with or complement the client’s offering. They can also target by mail category, rather than specific domains.

  • Device ID lookback: Allows brands to serve ads to users who have been to a specific physical location(s) within the past year and target them with ads anywhere they are now. This is available for custom locations or pr-populated points of interest, like popular restaurant chains.

Formats: Video & Streaming, Display, Native, Social.

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