Adelphic is a well-established DSP with broad reach and great data sources. They have a knack for reaching hard to reach audiences, especially when a target group is small. Because Humming covers the platform fee on Adelphic, programmatic costs are not passed to the customer - helping your ad dollars go farther on each campaign.


Besides serving display and video campaigns (mobile & desktop, TV), Adelphic also handles digital out-of-home (DOOH)/outdoor advertising, programmatic audio, and CTV. Adelphic’s reporting allows Humming to provide multi-touch attribution analytics for online and in-store activity across all platforms, foot-traffic reports, TV attribution, optimization, and in-flight activations.

Verticals where they excel: Auto, B2B, CBD, CPG, Education, Entertaining, Gaming, Healthcare, Pharma, Politics, QSR, Retain, Travel & Tourism

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