Yes. Within a campaign, you can create multiple search ads and multiple display ads. In fact, you can make as many as you want. In our system, ads within the same campaign share a budget and targeting information (location, keyword, and audience). If you want an ad to be targeted to a different audience or location, you should put it in a different campaign.

Here are some additional tips, if you are creating multiple ads:

  • Analytics in our dashboard are currently aggregate and displayed at the campaign level. That is, if you have 3 display ads, the results you see in your dashboard are a combination of those results. If you want to see analytics separately, put ads in separate campaigns.
  • If you are putting your ads in separate campaigns that have similar targeting, here is a short cut: Create a full campaign, and save it. From the “My Campaigns” tab, select the three gray dots to the right of the campaign button, and select “Duplicate and edit”.  You can then just change what you want (e.g., upload a different image, change keywords) and save that new ad. 
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