Humming is different from other folks in a lot of ways:

  1. One upload, many places.  Because we aggregate DSPs, you can upload/create your ad once, yet have it running on multiple DSPs.

  2. The ability to have an ad running on different DSPs at the same time means we watch to judge performance and price, and shift ads around to meet your goals. This allows real comparisons between DSPs, not false ones.

  3. Multiple DSPs means we have amazing reach. We boast that we have the widest digital coverage (internet and phone), but it’s not just boasting. 

  4. We are transparent and responsive. We make necessary changes in real time, not at the end of a campaign, and we give you access to your data 24/7, through a dashboard.

  5. It’s easy to use, easy to understand. We make the creation and targeting easy. and package data so that it is understandable. We value messages that are clear and simple, cutting through the soft projections and depictions that others might give you. Data is data, and we’ll tell you what it means in simple terms.

  6. We add tremendous value, without tremendous cost. We don’t charge a platform fee, and we give you access to platforms that do. This access brings audiences, cost savings, and tools you usually don’t have access to.

  7. We’re fast. You can have an ad up and running within 48 hours of an idea.

  8. We have fun, and we help you have more fun too. People say that making an ad on Humming is fun - and really, have you heard that about any other service?!

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