Humming automatically makes changes and adjustments to your ads if they are underperforming, managing them to optimize your campaigns. If you would prefer we don’t do this, you’ll have the opportunity to opt out. If you opt out and you want to make changes, you will need to tell us what changes you would like to make, and we will implement them. A future version of our platform will allow you to make these changes yourself, without us as a middle person. For now though, we don’t mind. 

What kind of changes may we make and when? Depending on your campaign goals, we will make changes in order to increase numbers of impressions, clicks, or conversions. We do this by broadening or refining your targeting, editing keywords and ad copy, altering location data as necessary, and in many cases shifting your ads to another DSP provider. We do this based on data and algorithms designed to optimize performance. 

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